Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How to buy ACP products ?

The ACP Móveis sells its furniture through specialist retailers in almost all the national territory. To view the addresses and contacts of dealers shops click the link: How to Buy

2 - I need technical assistance, how should I proceed?

ACP technical assistance is carried out through the store where you purchased the product. Activates it, you should proceed as follows:

Along with invoice and Assembly manual, inform What happened, in case there is need for a visit to identify the problem the shopkeeper will schedule a visit.

The store will forward your request to ACP Mobile, later send parts requested to the retailer for an Exchange is made.


If you have any questions please contact the ACP through CONTACT US or via telephone (27) 3372-6700 or email

3 - What is the difference between MDF and MDP ?

MDP (Mediun Density Particleboard and Medium Density Particle) is the result of continuous press of modern particle classifiers associated with the use of latest generation resins. Among the main features are the great homogeneity and uniformity of the particles, distributed in 03 layers. It is a wooden panel with innovative features.

MDF (Mediun density fiberboard, or medium density fiberboard) also is a panel of wood fibers bonded with synthetic resins. It is characterized by a homogeneous composition, which can secure a panel without imperfections. Its malleability can provide the most beautiful and worked shapes as its strength, durability and softness allow excellent finishes with ease of painting.

While the MDP timber and converted into particles, MDF is processed into fibers. It can be said that the application of the MDF and MDP are the same, however MDF has mechanical properties which can be exploited better in terms of machining, finishing and painting. In PDM, the wood particles are deposited in layers, getting thinner in the thinner surface and in the core, providing an excellent finish to painting and printing processes, in addition to having great tensile strength and flexural strength.

4 - What are the raw materials used in ACP Móveis products ?

Our furniture is produced in MDP and MDF, each with its differential.

5 - Which warranty period of ACP furniture?

The warranty covers all parts, parts and components that eventually will show manufacturing defects within 90 days, counting from the delivery of the product to the consumer through the purchase invoice , which becomes an integral part of the certificate Warranty.

The warranty ceases in the following cases:

  • If the product is tampered with or repaired by unauthorized person through the store.
  • If there is use of part or component not original , adapted to the product.
  • The defect is due to negligence of the installer or the consumer in relation to the instructions assembly instructions or product handling.
  • If incorrect cleaning and conservation of the product.

6 - Bought a furniture , but just damaged, what to do?

When a part is damaged in transport or assembly process, the first step is to trigger the shopkeeper, this will indicate the reason that caused the damage and will continue the procedure with the company.

7 - How to proceed in cleaning and conservation of furniture?

In daily use of mobile, some situations should be avoided in order to prolong the life of the product.

– For cleaning do not use any chemical, such as soap, steel wool, alcohol and furniture polish. Use only a soft cloth and dry.

– Do not wet or expose the mobile to moisture or direct sunlight or other heat, you can change the mobile color or damage it in any way.

– Do not touch the moving wall and not the arreste. If you need to remove it from the site, first empty it completely and then move it hanging.

– Do not place excessive weight on the mobile, distributed the items within the mobile adequately preventing overweight in certain locations. Each product has its ability, respect it.

– Never lean on the door, as this may cause its deregulation, displacement or breakage. Do not lean on the drawers to reach the tops. One should pay attention to the children, who usually use the drawers open as “ladder” to climb.

– Do not extend damp or wet towels on the doors of the furniture because, over time, moisture can cause permanent damage.

– Do not use stilettos and other objects with sharp blades or to make cuts on the tops. The coatings can be scratched or damaged permanently.

– Avoid contact of ink (pens in general) in the furniture painting, they can cause stains.


Periodically check the doors and mobile drawers open for between ventilation and avoid the emergence of bacteria.
Time to clean the closet is important to remember that wood and water are incompatible. To give a special flavour to the wardrobe leave a scented sachet inside, soaps placed in drawers to scent the closet also attract moisture, because they were made to interact with water.

clothing colors: red, black, navy blue and white fade as the brightness. cotton bags and TNT covers are well suited to protect parts.

After cleaning, separate the surplus clothing is time to distribute the parts intelligently. Check out some tips and transform your wardrobe:


  • Jeans and sweatshirt can be stored folded or hung on hangers common.
  • The skirts should be hung in the waistband own hangers for skirts. Preferably one by one. However, two and two is also a good solution if hung with the front facing out for easier viewing of each piece.
  • Cotton shirts or mesh that not knead can be folded and laid over each other.
  • Never hang pieces made with soft tissues as they deform. Shirts delicate fabrics, satin or linen should remain hanging on hangers and buttoned.
  • If your closet have enough time to hang the dresses by the handles on hanger. If the space is small, fold and secure the waist.
  • The party dresses or less used it is interesting that the involved on TNT.